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Dr. Appts after Dr. Appts

It has been weeks of doctor appointments. I have seen 2 surgeons, scheduled a 3rd. I have seen the ENT Doctor and the Endo doctor.

FINALLY - they are officially calling it the thyroid.


- "It is cancer - take out your entire thyroid. It needs to come out now."

- "It is cancer and we have never had one that has come back after this diagnosis and been benign - take out half and let's see."

- "We can't be sure, but we take out partial and we will know. You might have hashimotos"

- "The pathologist is "pretty good" - she usually gets it right." (sounds like the Geico commercial to me).

- "There is lump in the isthmus area"

- "There is not a lump in the isthmus area"

- "We go in after this as if it is cancer because 9/10 times it is"

My mom came in town for the Superbowl and I took her back to meet all the doctors. I wanted for her to get a feel for them too.

I like Dr. Rodgers at Univ of Miami. However, they will not be able to tell me right during surgery if it is benign or if they need to take out the other half. At this point, I think I just want it out. I want to have another biopsy, but no one thinks that is necessary. I just have a hard time accepting that I have cancer. I am not handling this too well.

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